Restoring Ancestral Winds, Inc. (RAW)

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RAW is a nonprofit 501C3 funded by the Office of Violence Against Women, U.S. Department of Justice in support of Tribal Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Coalitions.


Dr. Bruce Perry

CTA Mission

The mission of the ChildTrauma Academy is to help improve the lives of traumatized and maltreated children — by improving the systems that educate, nurture, protect and enrich these children.  We focus our efforts on education, service delivery, program consultation, research and innovations in clinical assessment/treatment.

CTA Strategy

Essential to this process is the collaboration of all sectors of society. As such, we engage in a continuous process of identifying key partners, drawn from academia, the corporate world, private organizations and public sector systems. While each partnership has a distinct focus– identifying best practices in child protection, evaluating the latest research in child development, defining optimal ways to provide resources to parents or creating a novel therapeutic approach with traumatized children– all are engaged in the continuous process of testing, refining and distributing innovations that can improve the lives of children.

Recommended Book(s):

The Boy Who was Raised as a Dog and Born for Love


Juli Alvarado

Through the introduction and integration of Emotional Regulatory Healing, ERH© as a scientifically grounded and mindful paradigm, we offer a response to both the impact of trauma to the client as well as the secondary traumatic stress imposed on the provider.

Recommended Book(s):

The Quest for Peace in a Broken World; Emotional Regulatory Healing ERH